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Eurogamer Kickstarter: Poncho

I Played a variety of indie games at this years Eurogamer event and Poncho was one of these. The game is a platformer in which the main character Poncho is searching to find his maker. The most interesting thing about the game was the mechanic which allows you to shift backwards and forwards between the background, foreground and middle layers of the games world, the inclusion of this mechanic…

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September 25, 2014

Skyshine Games Kickstarter for BEDLAM Launched Today

Skyshine Games Kickstarter for BEDLAM Launched Today

Welcome to the BEDLAM… Welcome to the apocalypse. Independent studio Skyshine Games are set to use Stoic’s, The Banner Saga Engine to create a post-apocalyptic role-playing strategy game. In BEDLAM, humanity has survived through the collapse of a society, after mankind reached its peak, known as the Barren Age. Civilization has now reemerged from the rubble in isolated cities like Byzantine.…

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Help Fix the Dragon Ball Timeline in Xenoverse

Help Fix the Dragon Ball Timeline in Xenoverse

I don’t know about you but my childhood was completely dominated by anime. From Sailor Moon to Inuasha, I watched it all as long as it was in English. That is why I am so excited about the upcoming Bandai Namco Games’ game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Unlike other games that have been created around the series, Xenoverse will let you dive into the history of Dragon Ball using you own custom character.

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September 20, 2014

Disgaea 5 details revealed

Disgaea 5 details revealed

Big news for fans of Nippon Ichi Software was dropped today. Details and a teaser trailer for the newest installment of the Disgaea series were released at the Tokyo Game Show.

Details on the game up to this point have been light, but it looks like NIS has finally decided they are ready to share more about the company’s number one franchise. Disgaea 5 will be released exclusively on the…

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September 19, 2014

Maingear Desktop Adds High Performance

Maingear Desktop Adds High Performance

Maingear desktop computers adds new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 and 980 graphics cards to provide the perfect balance of high performance and proficiency.

The Maxwell architecture brings new enhancements will are the worlds most advanced graphic cards and are powered by an incredibly fast processor. This architecture is based on the same 28nm manufacturing process as Kepler but offers more precise…

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New NVIDIA technology coming to the Red Bull Battle Grounds

New NVIDIA technology coming to the Red Bull Battle Grounds

The Red Bull Battle Grounds Grand Finals are taking place this weekend in Washington D.C.. The Battle Grounds brings together eight of the top StarCraft II players from around the world and will be the final stop for players in the five-month, six-tournament series. This year the Battle Grounds will be played as a part of the Blizzard WCS Global Events, awarding competitors WCS points and giving…

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September 18, 2014

Front Page Sports Football Set For Release Later This Month

Front Page Sports Football Set For Release Later This Month

The developers of Blood Bowl and the upcoming stealth game Styx: Master of Shadows are releasing a new sports sim game later this month called Front Page Sports Football. Using the games gameplan and playbook mechanics players will be able to plan ahead and decide which plays and tactics to use against each of their opponents. Players will also be able to prepare for each game using one of two…

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DayZ Standalone Stable Update - 19th of September 2014

DayZ Standalone Stable Update – 19th of September 2014

September brings another key update to the stable version of the popular, and groundbreaking zombie survival game, DayZ Standalone.

It seems with each update, the development team over at Bohemia Interactive come out with a new addition to the game, to draw back the players who have slowly crept away from the clutches of the addicting game.

It’s a game that just keeps growing, and considering…

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Light In The Dark Is Available Now!

Light In The Dark Is Available Now!

The new mobile studio Draemgate Studio released their first mobile game earlier this week. The game is called Light in the Darkand is a light bending puzzle game in which players have to use mirrors to bend and blend different colored lights to save the baby Totems from the monsters and help them reunite with their parent Totems of the same color. As well as rescuing the baby Totems in each level…

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September 17, 2014

Defend Protector’s Enclave in the new Siege of Neverwinter Event

Defend Protector’s Enclave in the new Siege of Neverwinter Event

Are you ready for the incoming horror that the Cult of Dragons plan to bring on the Protector’s Enclave? Will you heed Sergeant Knox’s call for heroes to strike down their foes before they can destroy the once safe city of Neverwinter?

Starting on Thursday September 18, players are tasked with defending Neverwinter from the encroaching foes in the new event. Players will take to the new Siege…

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